Sunday, October 2, 2011

Claffactory or TroBriand #2 and #1: Finale

Claffactory or TroBriand #2: A House Into A Home
                                       Sit and breath.
                                       Take it all in:
                                       The clean, white walls.
                                       The course, new carpets.
                                       Late light coming through the windows.
                                       So much more, seen and unseen.

                                       Now stand.
                                       Stand and breath.
                                       Go open the door
                                       And let the world in.

Claffactory or TroBriand #1: The Story So Far

There's the person you are
And the person you were
And the person you will be
Each part of yourself
Running to catch up to the next
      And the sound of your feet
On the stone corridors of time
    Is constant and thunderous.

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