Sunday, October 2, 2011

Claffactory or TroBriand #2 and #1: Finale

Claffactory or TroBriand #2: A House Into A Home
                                       Sit and breath.
                                       Take it all in:
                                       The clean, white walls.
                                       The course, new carpets.
                                       Late light coming through the windows.
                                       So much more, seen and unseen.

                                       Now stand.
                                       Stand and breath.
                                       Go open the door
                                       And let the world in.

Claffactory or TroBriand #1: The Story So Far

There's the person you are
And the person you were
And the person you will be
Each part of yourself
Running to catch up to the next
      And the sound of your feet
On the stone corridors of time
    Is constant and thunderous.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Claffactory or TroBriand #3: Troodon

Claffactory or TroBriand #3: Troodon

On the day I hatched
i looked up at the sky
it was grey with ash
and somewhere deep in my mind
i knew it was all wrong.

I grew up in a world of sorrows
most the trees had died
the larger animals with them
and when I finally starved to death
i knew I was the last of my kind.

Death has a way of giving one perspective
and the anger I had felt all my life
began to fade over the millennia
i sat beyond the cycles of life and watched
and I watch still.

In the 65 million years since then
i've seen the rise of you mammals
saw the beast that would become you
and all the wonders it was capable of
i saw you make your world what it is today.

But your skies are turning grey too
and you are as helpless as i was to stop it
when your kind has breathed their last
perhaps you will come to where i am
and we can watch what comes next.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Claffactory or Trobriand #4: Red Star

Claffactory or Trobriand #4: Red Star
(The Ballad of Vladamir Komarov)

Walking up to the rocket,
The wind is so cold on your face
But your suit is filled with sweat
 And on the other side of the fence
Your best friend is yelling at you
Till two men come and send him home
There's nothing he can do
Because you: you're already dead

The boosters shake the capsule
Your teeth rattle in your helmet
But the rocket doesn't explode
So you stop praying
And you fall into orbit
But then the power cuts out
you begin to spin out of control
And you know: you're already dead

They put the Premier on the radio
And he calls you a hero
They put your wife on
But all she can do is cry
As you try to steer to earth
You curse the engineers that killed you
The parachutes never open
And when they pull you out of the crater
You were already dead.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Claffactory or TroBriand #5: Improvisational

When you wake up crying
When  you shudder and can't stop
When you're afraid to sleep
Then it's a true nightmare

I saw the death of beauty 
And the end of all roads
As two people sleeping on a bed
But the bed was a grave
And around them the past and the future
Spread out like eternal stone.

When you can't calm down
When your heart loses a beat
When you have to tell someone
Then it's a true nightmare.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Claffactory or TroBriand #7 and #6

Claffactory or TroBriand #7: Let Go

       Don't cover up the light,
               Let it shine out unobstructed.

        Don't smother the flame,
   Let it rise and flicker.

  Don't drag your feet,
         Let them take you to where you should be.

Let go.
             Let go of your moment.
Let go.

Claffactory or TroBriand # 6: Stray Cat

Slips out sleek and easy
Rumbles to life in the cold
And lines begin to form

To hunt in the dark
To start the day
Routines overlap

A few feet across
A few miles down
The moment of interesct

Do events like this happen?
Does fate turn on someone?

I couldn't begin to tell you.

Friday, January 28, 2011

"We Are the Dead"

We are the people without escapes, without exits.  We follow the paths set before us and even the slightest deviation will bring ruin.  We drift from light to dark, reason to madness, till it all blurs together into one mass of blind sensation.  We have no duty, no obligations, no time lines, or due dates.  We have nowhere to go and all of existence to get there.  We have been cut loose from everything but ourselves.  We are the fearless, the loveless, the heartless, and the hopeless.  We have nothing to lose and nothing to show for losing.  We are the alone, the forgotten, the expendable.  When we finally pass over it will seem like such a small thing, a formality at most.   We are the dead.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The lost Claffolifactory or TroBriand

Hey everyone, this is the actual first "Claffactory or TroBriand" poem I wrote a few weeks ago.  They're meant to be read the first time starting with this one (#9) and going backwards as each one is posted.  Then after that take a week off and then read them starting from #1 and going to #9 in on continuous block. We'll talk about the meaning of the title in  "Claffactory or TroBriand #7: The Life and Times of a Wood Pile."

Claffactory or TroBriand #9: The Island Gifts

What bleeds the bloodless heart
but ash?
What thinks the thoughtless mind
...but emptyness?
Where can the hopless man hope
But in you?

Only in you.

Consume me
Envelope me
Take me away.